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11 mil Filipinos are suffering from functional illiteracy while four million have no basic literacy skills depending on a study conducted by Functional Literacy, Education and Mass Media Review (FLEMMS).

Now many youngsters are living their lives on the streets all over the world. Fighting because of their rights and surviving because of their lives. This video is not just about proposal, not just of a part of me personally but just about every children in the world suffering from what we called illiteracy… According to UNICEF, around 100 , 000, 000 children throughout the world live at least a part of their time on the roadways. In the Israel, a authorities estimates that you have approximately 1 . 5 , 000, 000 children for the streets doing work as beggars, pickpockets, medication abusers and child prostitutes. Today, the number of children and youth living part of all their lives on the streets inside the Philippines could reach two million away of a total population of 84 mil. Many dedicate their day time begging for money to buy foodstuff. The World Announcement on Education for All[2] states that " An energetic commitment has to be made to take out educational disparities. Undeserved teams [including street children] should never suffer any kind of discrimination in access to learning opportunities”.

Street children are very concentrated in countries with struggling financial systems, but are as well present in created countries. Irrespective of their position, they encounter hardships and exploitation. Avenue children are generally deprived with their right to education and have little if any access to the formal education system. Most of them are illiterate and have either never been enrolled, or have dropped out from the formal education system, in fact it is difficult to secure funding intended for the kind of informal education which in turn suits road children's lives. В

Deficiency of education and academic opportunities makes street kids particularly prone to trafficking, child labour, intimate abuse, experience of HIV/AIDS and other STIs, and...

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