Code of Values Section Statements with Corresponding Case Study

 Code of Ethics Section Statements with Corresponding Case Study Essay

| 2013

| COUN-550 Values and Professional Issues

David Hawkins

[Code of ethics section statements with corresponding circumstance study]|


Section A - I Learned Claims

I learned that counselors need to communicate with clientele in the two developmentally and culturally appropriate ways. I realized that advisors must stability the privileges of a patient's choice, their ability to decide the need for companies, and the protection under the law both familiar and parent to protect the client. I relearned the types and degrees of detail that information a counselor must provide into a client. I recently came across that there are multiple specifics with regards to the exchange of goods intended for services, my spouse and i. e. bartering and the constraints within. I discovered that one may possibly have a nonprofessional relationship with a client however it should be documented in depth prior to the connection. I was shocked that there are precise rules for operation of your website and also to establish a way for verification of a client's id. I was satisfied that there are recommendations to follow regarding the termination of your relationship. I used to be displeased that after all the restrictions regarding human relationships there is a law of restrictions when it comes to sociable relationships between client and counselor. -------------------------------------------------

Section A - My spouse and i Wonder Transactions

I imagine a client can easily institute a legal case when a counselor replace the role in a professional relationship and if there is certainly ample precedent to protect the counselor. We wonder if although in a multiple client or perhaps marriage counselor role a counselor can easily effectively convene a inconsistant role among two companions and stay unbiased. I actually wonder just how one determines without a group of specific requirements how a customer is ready physically, psychologically and intellectually to start effectively an electronic means of therapy. I question what the responsibility and limits are to helping clients decide the validity and reliability of information in cyberspace. -------------------------------------------------

Section A – Summary Of Relevance

Section A of the ACA Code of Values is relevant to counseling because it outlines certain guidelines once addressing concern of counselor responsibilities equally to the client and to the counselor. This section specifically describes the behavior of any counselor which has a client in a nonprofessional environment and where a sexual relationship is concerned. These guidelines are crucial when in the field of divorce therapy as they provide a distinct boundary of actions for the counselor.


Section A – Example: Example

Case Study: Ethical Decision-Making Regarding " The situation Of Gerald” (Remley & Herlihy, 2010) 1 . Determine The Problem

a. Gerald initiated a sexual dual relationship with a client who had been clearly struggling with trust concerns regarding the sexual abuse she suffered from her stepfather. The girl came to therapy to express her concerns and exercise trust with a new male figure in her life just to again have that trust betrayed. n. Gerald is usually clearly violating the honest guidelines as they is doing a intimate dual-relationship with a client following only a couple of months which is clearly not beneficial to the customer. c. Professionally Gerald is definitely taking advantage of a client as he is within a position of trust in addition to violation in the environment of trust required by this and most clients. installment payments on your Apply the ACA Code of Values

deb. Subsection A. 1 . a outlines the main responsibility of any counselor is always to respect the dignity and promote the welfare with the client. e. Subsection A. 4. a outlines that counselors should be act in order to avoid harming their clients, and also to minimize as well as to remedy inevitable or unanticipated harm. f. Subsection A. 5. a outlines that sexual or romantic relationships with current clients is definitely...

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