Victim Mentality

Victim Mentality 03.09.2019
 Victim Mentality Essay

What does the foreseeable future hold for people? No one is aware of, no one is aware of for

sure, only God. With anticipation and optimism we view it as a variety

program or better yet since smooth road with bumps every parenthetically

million a long way throughout which in turn a myriad of incidents take place which can be

equally positive and then again not so great. However , a person will need to

usually tend to look at their future with a helpful and positive outlook,

which permits them to grow in all aspects of their health triangle.

Nevertheless, you will find those who view the future which has a completely

unenthusiastic, disappointing, downbeat, and negative outlook. This is

categorized like a victim attitude. Blaming all others for what takes place in

your life and world and believing the future just holds negative things

for you is usually not healthy and is also not fair for yourself or perhaps those with you and

your quick environment. Using this method your just making your self carry

extra baggage in addition to your daily anxiety and sudden problems

that happen when anything seems to be heading right. An ideal example of

a patient mentality is definitely Stanley Yelnats the main personality from the book

Gaps. As a great overweight kid he is likely to question his life and his overall

purpose pertaining to his peers make fun of him and this individual therefore provides a tough time in

school. In addition , to the however , is the fact that his family has been

doomed with a misfortune due to a spell place on his superb grandfather.

Therefore , there isn't much all the best to look ahead to in life intended for his bad

good luck never generally seems to cease. Not to mention that they live under subsistence

circumstances meaning that they have just enough money to make it each day,

they are quite poor. It really is basically his grandfathers problem that this individual has a

miserable existence and this individual blames every thing on all others. Then again this individual

constantly seems to be with the wrong place at the incorrect time.

To top it all of he can sent to Camp Green Pond, a teen detention

camp pertaining to boys, for the crime he did not devote where young boys are forced to dig

large openings daily. It was either this kind of or prison at these kinds of a young grow older. Since his

parents were poor he would not have a big choice. Once again this can be his " no-good-dirty-rotten- pig-stealing-great-great-grandfathers fault. Through this camp

he provides a tough time as the new youngster and is made to live and work within the

many atrocious circumstances and is manufactured fun of, excluded, and taken

advantage of. Nevertheless , in the long run these friends end up helping him

overcome his victim mentality. Because the book progresses, Stanley slowly

develops physical strength and personal strength. This individual identifies the people

who threaten him, like the Warden, and while this individual tries never to get in difficulty

he also compares for his own right and the privileges of his friends. Stanley

little by little develops the self-confidence necessary to disregard the opinions

from the majority of the boys and form a friendship with Zero, the very least

popular kid in the camp.

Even though the cruelty of these around him initially cause Stanley to

turn into hard and treat Zero with disregard, he at some point realizes that what

he is carrying out and this individual and Actually zero form a powerful friendship. They each make

sacrifices for starters another through the time that he leaves Camp Green

Pond, Stanley can be physically and emotionally stronger.

In the meanwhile his daddy is back home struggling with his bad luck.

He invents many gizmos ands innovative things however they always prove to0

become a failure due to his bad luck which clarifies their money complications.

The family's bad luck struck him when he relocated from Ny to

California and was conned by Kissin' Kate Barlow. If Stanley's great

grandfather was not robbed then Stanley might be living in a mansion

in California instead of within a Texas flat that scents of burning rubber

and foot stench caused by Stanley's...

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