Table 4Substance-abuse 2Foreign 2Gsm 2Much 3Images 2Globe 3Implementation 2United-states-declaration-of-independence 2Financial-ratios 3Hands 3Deliver 2Organisation 2Patient 3Gear 2Reach 2Intimidation 2Stores 2Duties 2Mass-media 6Business 40Managing 2Money 4Kong 4Getting 6Examination 5Trust 4Other folks 2Video-game-controversy 2Issue 4Google 3Depressive disorder 2Family 10Which usually 8Data-modeling 22007 9Literature 3Chicago 2World-war-ii 7Percent 3Common 9Ophelia 22003 8Almost 5Certain 3Recruitment 3December 2Which in turn 9Typical 2Brain 6Anorexia-nervosa 2Brother 4House 6Apple 2Quality 4Head 3Specific 2Killing 2Interpersonal-relationship 3Test 4Estimate 2World 11Value 4Corporation 6Mexico 4Imagine 3Total 3Adjustments 2Already 4Ratio 2Temperature 2Sector 2Nature 2City 3Special 3Kids 7Query 2Morality 2Habits 2Thailand 4Infection 2Promoting 4Sexual-intercourse 3Dark 2Girls 6Marketing 121998 3Finance 2Farmers 2Decided 2Constitution 2Tree 2Policies 2News 3Upcoming 2Disease 3Style 4John 2Just 6Later 2Heroes 2United-states-constitution 3Free 2Quantitative-research 2Industrial 2Master 2Tale 2Qualitative-research 2Systems-development-life-cycle 2Cells 2Philippines 3Boundaries 2Characters 7Nurse 4Action 4Starbucks 2Response 4Rhetoric 2Birthday 2Film 4Less 2Hard 2Process 3Popular 3Wall structure 2Shoes or boots 2People 40Choose 2Delivery 22006 5Children 24Service 5Expense 3Abilities 2Allows 3Category 4Region 4Advantage 2Criminal offense 2Female 2Section 5Constantly 3Government 7Initially 4Criminal-justice 2Females 2Risk 8Travel 4Does 6Being 11There 11Theme 2Task 2Illegal 2Tips 2American-civil-war 3Right 2Things 3Larger 21st 3Location 2China 6College 8Long term 2Philosophy 2Business-ethics 3Think 2Factory 2Malaysia 2Idea 2Mindset 2Him self 3Foodstuff 4Management 20Electricity 4Monopoly 2Function 8Country 6Race 3Movie 4Course 5Stage 2Mother 9Secondary-education 2Lives 3Traditional bank 2However 5This kind of 25Human 2Growth 5Organizational-studies 2Area 5Child-abuse 2Working 3Thought 8Shows 3Regression-analysis 2Result 2Everybody 2Administration 6Concerns 2Nina 2Fertilizer 2Equal 2Analysis 14Organization 19Way 2Coffee 22010 15Particular 2Man 4Specialist 2Variable-cost 2Fairy-tale 2Person 13Employment 3Decision-making 3Cup 2Characteristics 2Discrimination 2Famous 2Appearance 2Property 2Manufacturer 4Community 14Developed-country 2Mental 3These people 7Prize 2Audit 3Stock 2First 18Good 4Mind 3Example 4Party 3Great 7Flowers 3Interests 2Some 9Factors 3Feeling 4Europe 2Search 4Relationships 2Asian 2James 2Image 3United 2Learn 2Attack 3Teresa 2Quantity 5Social-sciences 2Part 5Exercise 2Understanding 3Alexandria 2Military 2Union 3Attributes 2Dream 2Very good 2Reader 4Balances 2Sample-size 2Tootsie roll industries 2Illness 2Room 5Solution 2Universe 6Clients 3English 6Access 3Document 4College students 2A large number of 3Disorders 2Appreciate 3Southern 2Difficult 3Focus 4Building 2Connections 2Hong 4Chancellor 2Retailers 2Friends and family 4Scientific-method 9Mobile-phone 6Came 2Crime 4Nazi 2Middle-school 2Largest 2Method 2Social 10Atom 3Prisons 2United-states 13Seen 2Company 24Career 7Industries 2Story 12Overall health 3Words 22001 61984 3New 2Books 4Very 5Every 4Life 20Psychology 2Balance-sheet 63 years ago 3Obesity 2Substantial 2Essay 8Heights 2Narrator 4Town 3Globalization 2Novel 9Place 4Geert-hofstede 22000 5Bacteria 3Powers 2Authorities 2Escape 2Feel 4Simply 3Began 4Incarcerated 2Science 2Critical 3Student 3Get together 2Automobiles 2April 2Products on hand 2Personas 2Average 3Letter 4Personal 3Kid 6Meeting 2Candidate 2Apr 2Supervision 3Taxation 3Financial-statements 3The 9Pakistan 3Tourism 2Sql 2Health-care 4Faculty 2Found 3Modify 2Interest 2Number 2Bangladesh 3Values 2Narrative 2Forms 2School 15Close 21997 3Customer-service 3Thoughts 2Last 2Sociology 15Symptoms 2Medical 2Employees 5Regulations 2Produce 32013 13Internal-control 22012 28Comes 3The case 2Primary 2Referred to as 2Paintings 2Chinese 4Accepted 2Explain 2Always 4Says 4Decision 4Brand 9Architecture 3Effective 2Able 8Depictions 2Approach 2Methods 2Friend 2Least 2In this article 2Best 6Professional 3Period 6Authority 3Criminal-law 4Corporate 2Romeo 3Rights 5Germany 2Position 4Network 4Political-philosophy 2Wished 2Influence 3Monsanto 2Store 2Revenue 4Father 9Accomplish 2Proven 2Robert-e-lee 2Used 5Nitrogen 3William shakespeare 3Boys 2General public 2University 8Mass 3Nigeria 2Staff 3Question 2Disorder 2Local 2Prison 7Depreciation 2Studying 2Carry 2America 5Another 7Legal 3Production 4Retailer 2Many 15Meaning 2Marketplace 2Consumer 2Raise 2According 4Expansion 4Known 2Mark-twain 2Info 9Discuss 2Independence 3Expertise 2Bennett 2Marriage 3Name 2Alfred 2Version 2Media 6Article 6Deal 4Emotion 3Facility 2Strategy 4Argenti 2Communication 3Drug-addiction 4Sentence 2Secureness 3Show 2Romeo-and-juliet 3Mom 2Text message 2Their 56Auditing 2Jesus 3Conflict 2Animals 2Infections 2Consider 4Steve-jobs 2Basic 3Coverage 2Reality 3Arrived 2Move 2Yang 2Power 8Foreign-exchange-market 2Investment 3Fact 3Eating-disorders 2Critical-thinking 2Human-sexuality 3