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This kind of paper was executed to further identify with a proper explanation regarding the differences in Malay terminology and other vocabulary form that may be found diverse, thus the name contrastive analysis. Wrapping up this daily news, two (2) paradigm found that described the importance of contrastive evaluation and the similarities as well as variations in Malay vocabulary with other 'languages', in this case English language. Questions can be ask simply by anyone about the rational of using contrastive analysis in learning language and why it is vital for us to hold practicing this when in the long run, all that matters is the meaning of the sentences task. One must know that understanding and the actual language make a major difference on suggesting the level of proficiency of the language. Language will not usually appear on the exacto meaning.  Saussure, in 1969 said something that may be regarded as implicit or perhaps denotated which means may in some manner be viewed differently as it can hold a connotative which means in which have to be explained by using contrastive analysis. Further understanding, or vitally ‘see' the language from the point of view with the native audio would tremendously help in understanding it or perhaps better, avoid misunderstanding that may cause various consequences. � The ability to understand other terminology and of course understanding deeper in native vocabulary would significantly benefit one in conquering chinese, plus show the beauty of the chinese language itself. Reported Karin Aijmer and Bengt Altenberg in 1996, they do state that through analysing seriously about the contrast of languages may give the learner or even the owner of the language a new regarding the different languages compares just as contrastive evaluation. Many aspect in language that folks often overlooked and the misuse of the terminology is often occurred all as a result of understanding in a single language reaches the unsatisfying level and in addition not enough publicity upon the other native language. Vocabulary plays a crucial role in projecting the culture of the owner in the language. Contrastive analysis in some way could work as a key to spread out the door of a specific culture in which the uses of idiomatic appearance, euphemism and many other cultural foundation expression happen to be practiced. Dialects differs in lots of ways such as typological and common feature. Grammatical construction of a specific language may differ from other here is wherever contrastive analysis become a tool to untangle the twisted understanding within the language.

Adding to the concept on the need for contrastive examination, Karin Aijmer said that contrastive analysis can, in his words, illuminates right after brighter between the source text and the analysed text. Variations may be even more illustrate by making use of contrastive evaluation as well as this kind of analysis makes number of program in many field such as lexicography, language instructing and translation. As in dialect teaching, it help instructor to explain in greater detail on how a lot of grammatical changes required consist of language although not in every vocabulary? Theorical and practical reason pertaining this matters can greatly help learners understanding Moving on the conclusion of the getting, there are some similarities and differences that exist between English and Malay dialects. Some can be the similarities among English and Malay and several element may possibly appear similar and different in both 'languages'. Similarities in Malay dialect and British language happen to be that most of the sentence structure follow the regulation of term order which can be subject-verb-object. Equally languages practice same expression order. For instance , the sentence, ‘ I love you' exactly where obey the word order s-v-o also being interpreted just as in Malay which is ‘saya cintakan awak'. Other commonalities between these languages is a plurality in with the formation of words to exhibit plurality is using primary words. In English, the uses of word ‘all' and ‘some' are to reveal...

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