Arian Heresy

Arian Heresy 03.09.2019
 Essay about Arian Heresy

How the Nicene Creed Resulted from Arianism

The time coming from 256 A. D. 336 A. Deb. conflict together with the Church's philosophy were rising among a number of other doctrinal disputes, which troubled a majority of Christian believers when Constantine recognized the Church in 313 A. D. This kind of unorthodox opinion, heresy, terrified the Chapel. The owner of the heresy was Arius, an Alex Adrian clergyman. The heresy was then simply called Arianism, which rejected the divinity of Christ. Arianism was one of the most harmful heresies that affected the Church, which resulted in the introduction of the Nicene Creed. Arians believed only God the Father was Goodness no incarnation. Jesus Christ was God's greatest creation. The challenge with question the divinity of Christ is, " If Christ is certainly not divine, he could not conserve humanity and humanity could hardly be redeemed. ” In 321, Arius was condemned and deprived of his office in Alexandria by a council of the Church pertaining to teaching a great unorthodox view of the romantic relationship of Jesus Christ and Our god. His theological views had been spreading, particularly in the eastern Mediterranean; greatly impacting on schools in Alexandria. Arius then fled to Middle east to spread his teachings among people through well-liked sermons, tracks and among the powerful through influential leaders. The religious peace in the East was threatened and Constantine, the Roman Chief called an assembly of bishops in 325: the first cooperative council.

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Before the Nicene Creed was made, the holy bible specifically stated the Christ was human being and divine, everyone need to die at some point just as Christ did although only Christ three days later rose from the deceased. Paul had written, " Christ died to get our sins according to the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was brought up on the third day in line with the Scriptures. " (1 Corinthians 15: 3-4) This assertion declared the truth that Christ died and raised from your dead, which is the most powerful evidence, that Jesus was God's " special” messenger. Jesus can be divine and has been divine from...

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